Lumber Baron Season 4 Episode 1: Back to Business

Welcome to Lumber Baron season 4!  Watch the first episode now!  We’ll be releasing episodes on a weekly basis now for the rest of the season.


In The Season 4 premiere of Lumber Baron of Jasper County, business has started to thrive once again, Mike hires a new yard hand, Mickey Bob hires a new Lawyer and the Lumber Baron gets Ashley an engagement ring.

Starring Dave R. Watkins, Candace Mabry, Grant Garlinghouse, Michael D Friedman, J. R. Francis, Jacki Flynn, Brandy Goins.

Guest Starring Chris Burns, Rusty Smith, Clint Blizzard, Kyle Blizzard

Also Starring Jennifer Baskette-Ridings, Krissy Notes, Darrell C. Hazelrig, Lynn McArthur, Kevin L. Powers, Lisa Finlayson, Luke Garmon, Martin L. Kelley, Joe Walsh, Jace C.

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