Lumber Baron S4: Ep6 “Engagement Day”

A new 2016 webisode of the best comedy web series about the Lumber Baron of Jasper County! WATCH HERE –>

As Ashley awaits the Lumber Baron’s afternoon wedding proposal, she must contend with her nosy Aunt Betsy and the unstable Cathryn. Meanwhile, Mr. Brookshire’s patience runs out.

Starring Dave R. Watkins, Candace Mabry, Grant Garlinghouse, Michael D Friedman, Rebecca Barnes, J.R. Francis, Jacki Flynn, Brandy Goins

Guest Starring Peg Thon as Aunt Betsy and Melissa Lowe as Lula

Also Starring Darrell C. Hazelrig as Mr. Brookshire, Kevin L. Powers and Jace C.


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