FLASHBACK: Season 2: Episode 2: “Operation Tier One: Lumber Chicken” (Best of Lumber Baron Comedy Web Series)

A major color correction and editing revamp of one of the most hilarious Lumber Baron episodes!

WATCH HERE –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWd4hds88lM

Lumber Baron Comedy Web Series color corrected.

The Difference of Color Correction! Lumber Baron Comedy Web Series.

FLASHBACK: Season 2: Episode 2: “Operation Tier One: Lumber Chicken” (Best of Lumber Baron Comedy Web Series)

the Lumber Chicken .

Lumber Chicken goes wild (Nate Hill) Comedy Web Series

With a 2016 color correction and some new editing, behold again one of the funniest webisodes of the Comedy Web Series Lumber Baron of Jasper County. Originally aired in 2013.

2013 Comedy Web Series

Lumber Baron with the Lumber Chicken 2013 comedy web series.

After hearing Mike’s plans to improve business, the Lumber Baron (Dave Watkins) comes up with a plan of his own, which involves having Pete (Micheal D Friedman) put on a chicken suit and chase customers around.

Pete the yardman, Comedy Web Series.

Pete (Michael D. Friedman) in Lumber Chicken suit. Comedy Web Series.

Liz (Ashlee Heath) returns with Frog (Nate Hill) and serves the Lumber Baron an envelope containing a law suit from Mickey Bob. The Lumber Baron promptly responds by sicking the Lumber Chicken on her. Later on, Mike (Grant Garlinghouse), discovers Liz tied up in his office much to his horror.

Frog, Comedy Web Series.

Frog (Nate Hill) sees the Lumber Chicken. Comedy Web Series.

Meanwhile George (Matt Nielsen) and the Rowdy Brothers (Clint Blizzard, Kyle Blizzard), show up at the end of the day to take the Lumber Baron out to dinner, but instead the Lumber Baron and Ashley (Candace Mabry) sneak out the back window.

Starring Dave R. Watkins, Candace Mabry, Grant Garlinghouse, Micheal D Friedman, Ashlee Heath, Matt Nielsen, Nate Hill, Clint Blizzard, Kyle Blizzard, Brandy Goins, Sonya Thompson, J.R. Francis, Jon Wieberg, Kevin L. Power, Jace C.

Liz, 2013 comedy web series.

Ashlee Heath as Liz. Lumber Baron of Jasper County, comedy web series.


-After Pete (Michael D Friedman) puts on the chicken head, the Lumber Chicken is usually played by different actors, including Nate Hill, Grant Garlinghouse, J. R. Francis, and Dave R. Watkins.

-During the scene where the Lumber Chicken (here played by Dave Watkins) comes out of the trailer, chasing Ashley and George and then trips over a tire and falls into a crate. This was an accident, but it worked so the fall ended up in the episode.

-Brandy Goins, who plays Missy, is pregnant during Season 2 with Quinn Watkins. Later on Quinn appears on the show in the 2015 Valentine Special as cupid.

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