Lumber Baron S4 EP10 “The Passive Aggressors” (Comedy Web Series)

It’s the exciting return of the best 2016 comedy web series about the Lumber Baron of Jasper County. Check out this hilarious new Season 4 webisode!

2016 comedy web series

Peg Thon and Melissa Lowe become Lumber Baron Series regulars 2016 comedy web series

Season 4: Episode 10 “The Passive Aggressors”

Mike & The Lumber Baron (Grant Garlinghouse and Dave Watkins) play a battle of psychological warfare against Cathryn (Rebecca Barnes). Meanwhile Aunt Betsy (Peg Thon) recruits Missy and Lula (Brandy Goins and Melissa Lowe) to help with the deep reconnaissance on the lumberyard.

2016 comedy web series

Teir one fails for Lumber Baron (Dave Watkins) and Mike(Grant Garlinghouse) 2016 comedy web series

2016 comedy web series

Mr. Brookshire (Darrell Hazelrig) gets a surprise. 2016 comedy web series

Hilarious Web Series

Cathryn (Rebecca Barns) hires Bertha Sue (Jacki Flynn) and William (J. R. Francis) 2016 hilarious web series

 2016 Comedy Web Series

Bertha Sue (Jacki Flynn), Mike (Grant Garlinghouse), Cathryn (Rebecca Barnes) and The Lumber Baron (Dave R. Watkins) 2016 Comedy Web Series

Starring Dave R. Watkins, Candace Mabry, Grant Garlinghouse, Michael D Friedman, Rebecca Barnes, J.R. Francis, Jacki Flynn, Brandy Goins, Peg Thon, Melissa Lowe

Also Starring Jennifer Baskette-Ridings, Krissy Notes, Darrelll C. Hazelrig, Jace C.

“The Lumber Baron of Jasper County” is a comedic web series from the mind of Dave R. Watkins, who stars as the Lumber Baron and produces the series. It follows the antics of an out-of-control Lumber Supply Store owned by a delusional man who thinks he’s the “Lumber Baron.” The series was created by Watkins and Michael D. Friedman.

2016 comedy webisode

Ashely (Candace Mabry) & Aunt Betsy (Peg Thon) 2016 comedy webisode


Viewers can catch the first three seasons at the Official Website or at the Youtube channel

In Season 4, the outrageous adventures continue at Lumber Baron Inc. After saving the world from a purple sky apocalypse at the end of Season 3, things are back to normal at the lumber yard. With business thriving, the store manager Mike (Grant Garlinghouse) seeks to hire new employees, Mickey Bob (Chris Burns), their competitor, develops a new Machiavellian scheme and the Lumber Baron (Dave Watkins) buys Ashley (Candace Mabry) an engagement ring. Everything seems to be going well until a mysterious woman (Rebecca Barnes) arrives threatening to shake the foundation of the company and the employees’ relationships to core.

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