Lumber Baron S4: E11: “Unhinged Forces” (Comedy Web Series 2016)

Comedy Web Series

Lumber Baron S4 Ep11 “Unhinged Forces” Comedy Web Series


Behold the 11th 2016 webisode of the comedy web series Lumber Baron of Jasper County!

Web Series

Elena (Lisa Finlayson) shows the Lumber Baron (Dave Watkins) who wears the pants at Mickey Bob’s. Web Series

2016 Comedy Webisode

Missy & Lula (Melissa Lowe)begin operation #Hell. 2016 Comedy Webisode


Aunt Betsy assigns Missy & Lula to pester Cathryn into oblivion. Meanwhile the Lumber Baron and Mike grow desperate and seek aid from questionable resources. Cathryn’s “sanity” begins to come apart at the seams as she deals with the everyday comings and goings of the lumberyard.

2016 Comedy Web Series.

Frog (Nate Hill) returns with Doopey (Joshua Haire) 2016 Comedy Web Series.

2016 Comedy Webisode

Cathryn checks in on Bertha Sue (Jacki Flynn) and William (J. R. Francis). 2016 Comedy Webisode

Funny comedy series

Cathryn (Rebecca Barnes) attempts to play nice.

Funny comedy series

Doopey (Joshua Haire). Funny comedy series

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