Lumber Baron S4 EP12 “Trapped in the Trailer” (comedy web series 2016)


Comedy Web Series 2016

Lumber Baron S4 Ep12. Comedy Web Series 2016


2016 comedy web series – Lumber Baron of Jasper County Season 4 Episode 12 webisode.

The situation becomes increasingly strange for Pete, still locked in the trailer, when he begins to have hallucinations. Liz confronts Bertha Sue for sharing a photo from their night together.

Created by Dave R. Watkins & Michael D Friedman
Written by Dave R. Watkins & Nate Hill
Directed by Dave R. Watkins

Starring Dave R. Watkins, Candace Mabry, Grant Garlinghouse, Michael D Friedman, Rebecca Barnes, J.R. Francis, Jacki Flynn, Brandy Goins, Peg Thon, Melissa Lowe

Guest Starring Ashlee Heath as Liz, Amber Seidel as Aimee, Pete Borden as The Pumpkin Man, Ron McLellen as Mr. Fixer, Clint Blizzard as Rusty Rowdy, Clint Blizzard as Rick Rowdy.

Also Starring Cullen Ries, Martin L. Kelley, Luke Garmon, Ella Francis, Alison Francis.




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