“Lumber Baron’s Fangin’ Halloween” – 2016 Halloween Webisode

Happy Halloween again from the Lumber Baron!

2016 Halloween Comedy webisode

Comedy Web Series, Lumber Baron 2016 Halloween special!

We’re here with our annual Halloween special for the Comedy Web Series Lumber Baron of Jasper County; “Lumber Baron’s Fangin’ Halloween.”

WATCH HERE –>  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Y96KHaqLyA&t=15s


As the gang prepares for a Halloween party, a vampire slayer shows up at the lumber yard looking for supplies, which offends Doopey’s new girlfriend, who’s a supernatural creature rights activist.

Halloween webisode

The Lumber Baron (Dave Watkins) and Ashley (Candace Mabry) dressed as vampires. 2016 comedy web series.

Starring Dave R. Watkins as The Lumber Baron, Candace Mabry as Ashley, Grant Garlinghouse as Mike, Joshua Haire as Doopey, Whitney Sullens as Katrina, Robert McMullen as Marcus with Nate Hill as Frog and Patrick Lemon as Zack.

2016 Comedy Web Series

Patrick Lemon as Zach, the Vampire Hunter with Grant Garlinghouse as Mike. 2016 Comedy Web Series


Directed by Dave R. Watkins, Produced by Dave R. Watkins & Grant Garlinghouse, Written by Dave R. Watkins & Nate Hill, Created by Dave R. Watkins & Michael D Friedman. Music by Markleford Friedman, Opening Credits Music by Ron McLellen, Makeup by Paige Wood.

2016 Comedy Web Series Halloween

Robert McMullen as Marcus the Vampire. 2016 Comedy Web Series. Lumber Baron Halloween

 2016 Comedy Web Series, Halloween webisode

Doopey and Katrina (Joshua Haire, Whitney Sullins) 2016 Comedy Web Series, Halloween webisode

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