Lumber Baron’s Once Upon a Time on Halloween

When the Lumber Baron advertises Trick or treating at the Lumberyard on Halloween, it attracts an unexpected visitor.

Starring Dave R. Watkins, Michael D. Friedman, Joshua Haire, Brandy Goins, Nate Hill, Beth McMullen, Quinn Watkins, Lyla McMullen

Cinematography Charlee Luther

Written By Nate Hill & Dave R. Watkins

Directed by Dave R. Watkins

Lumber Baron comedy Halloween

Once upon a Halloween Poster (Dave Watkins, Michael D. Friedman and Joshua Haire)


Missy Lumber Baron Halloween

Brandy Goins returns as Missy in Once upon a time on Halloween

The Lumber Baron Halloween

Pete (Michael D. Friedman) is back in The Lumber Baron Halloween special 2018!

The Lumber Baron Comedy Halloween

Doopey (Joshua Haire) in The Lumber Baron’s Once upon a time on Halloween

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