About the Lumber Baron of Jasper County

SYNOPSIS: “The Lumber Baron of Jasper County” is a comedic web series from the mind of Dave R. Watkins, who stars as the Lumber Baron and produces the series.

It follows the drama surrounding an a out-of-control Lumber Supply Store owned by a delusional man who thinks he’s the “Lumber Baron,” a character who wears a crown, cape, and overalls and proclaims to be the “king” of lumber.  The Lumber Baron hires his cousin Mike as new store manage to help “shape up” the company.  But Mike soon discovers this task is more challenging than he originally thought.

The series was created by Watkins and Michael D. Friedman.

It stars Dave R. Watkins, Candace Mabry, Grant Garlinghouse, J. R. Francis, Ashlee Heath, Brandy Goins and Michael D Freidman.


Episode 101: Business End Push
The Lumber Baron (Dave R. Watkins) hires his idealistic Wall Street cousin Mike (Grant Garlinghouse) as store manager. Mike plans to make some big changes, much to the annoyance of long time employee Ashley (Candace Mabry).


Episode 102: Buzzwords
Mike tries to get the employees at the Lumber Baron Incorporated to use buzzwords when dealing with customers.


Episode 103: Acai Madness
Acai pills have a strange affect on the Lumber Baron.

Episode 104: Temporary Employment
Mike’s new polices cause the yardman Pete (Michael D Friedman) to quit; Mike soon discovers finding a suitable replacement is more difficult than it would seem.

Episode 105: Jackalope Hunt
When a Jackalope sighting has the citizens of Jasper County on edge, the Lumber Baron hires Frog (Nate Hill) to train the crew on survival skills. But is Frog up to his usual tricks?

Episode 106: Hangover Blues
After a hard night of partying, Ashley pays the price with a hangover. But that’s not the least of her worries, as Mickey Bob (Chris Burns) has decided to pay the Lumber Baron a visit.

Episode 107: Dark Times
With the Lumber Baron and Ashley missing from work, Pete reminisces about the good times. Meanwhile, Mike has a meeting with Mickey Bob.

Episode 108: The Trouble with Dave
It’s the Season One finale, and the Lumber Baron is no more! With the company losing money, will “Dave” sell the company to Mickey Bob? And will he take Ashley back? Find out all these answers and more!

Episode 109: Lumber Baron’s Halloween Special
When a mysterious stranger known only as “The Pumpkin Man” (Pete Borden) arrives at Lumber Baron, Inc. on Halloween, all sorts of strange things start happening.


Coming in 2013!

Episode 201: Shark Jumpin’ 101
Episode 202: Operation Tier One
Episode 203: Free Hot Dogs!
Episode 204: No Chicken in Yer Lumber
Episode 205: The Negotiation Situation
Episode 206: Get Purple
Episode 207: Zombies, Moonshine & Heartbreak
Episode 208: Things to Do in Jasper County After a Zombie Apocalypse
Episode 209: Jackalope Hunt 2
Episode 210: Alepus Maximus: The Ballad of Jebediah Rex
Episode 211: TBA
Episode 212: TBA
Episode 213: TBA
Episode 214: TBA

Produced & Directed by: Dave R. Watkins
Written by: Dave R. Watkins & Nate Hill
Created by: Dave R. Watkins & Michael D Friedman
Starring: Dave R. Watkins, Candace Mabry, Grant Garlinghouse and Michael D Friedman
Recurring Cast:
Chris Burns, Matt Nielsen, Nathan Hill, Brandy Goins, Kyle Blizzard, Clint Blizzard, Ashlee Heath, Elizabeth Tavares, Scott Hodges, Pete Borden, Jon Wieberg, J.R. Francis, Kevin Powers, Martin Kelley