(Played by Dave R. Watkins)
Once a “normal” guy who owned a Lumber Supply store, until one day he showed up embodying the persona and costume of the outrageous character “Lumber Baron” and has been that way ever since.


(Played by Candace Mabry)
Ashley works in the office at Lumber Baron Inc, her job includes doing most of the paper work and waiting on customers.  She despises the customers but has a secret crush on the Lumber Baron.


(Played by Grant Garlinghouse)
A Wall Street businessman who had to move back to Jasper County due to a banking scandal; he’s constantly trying to make things more “professional” at the lumber yard.


(Played by Michael D Friedman)
Serious loyal yardman at the Lumber Supply store, protective and set in his ways.  With eyes like a hawk, he observes all that takes place at the lumber yard.


(Played by Matt Nielsen)
The Lumber Baron’s star customer, George spends more time chatting up the lumber yard employees than he does working. He’s the Lumber Baron’s biggest fan.


(Played by Chris Burns)
Showboat owner of another lumber yard, Mickey Bob dresses in Vegas style jumpsuit and has a nasty competitive streak.


(Played by Nate Hill)
Frog’s reputation speaks for its self — he’s known for being a cheapskate, swindler and occasional meth head.  He’s also the only certified “Jackalope” hunter this side of the Mississippi.


(Played by Ashlee Heath)
Liz is an intelligent and versatile “employee” of Mickey Bob’s who holds a law degree. She looks down on those around her as if she’s better than them, and she probably is.. but why does she work for Mickey Bob?


(Played by Scott Hodges)
A creepy stalker who lurks around the lumber yard making unsettling comments about skin.


lb-hs-rowdybros-150x150THE ROWDY BROTHERS
The Rowdy Brothers, Rick and Rusty, hail from the town of Talking Rock, GA and they’ll let you know it! They also run a radio station, but spend most of their time loitering around the lumber yard.


(Played by Elizabeth Tavares)
Connie is a hyper excitable  “employee” of Mickey Bob’s who seems to be overcompensating for something and claims to have a black belt in karate.


(Played by Brandy Goins)
Air-headed but sweet as pie customer who always harps about her never-do-well husband, Cletus.


lb-hs-pumpkinman-150x150THE PUMPKIN MAN
(Played by Pete Borden)
Mysterious stranger who usually shows up around holidays trying to get people to watch a cursed DVD, usually accompanied by at at least one pumpkin.